Signals 2nd ALBUM ”光りと影と人工衛星”

    • 2,750円(税込)
    「the light, the shadow, and the satellite」
    Signals結成時メンバー、照井利幸(Acoustic guitar)、勝井祐二(Electric Violin)、椎野恭一(Drum)、の3人による最後の作品。

    1. abel
    2. old car
    3. echo
    4. signal
    5. land
    6. mellow skin
    7. green rays
    8. lapin
    9. fly

    Toshiyuki Terui: Acoustic guitar, Yuji Katsui: Electric Violin, Kyoichi Shiino: Drum,
    2009 WELD, a division of MUSIC CHAMBER. Marketed & Distributed by WELD MUSIC.
    Made in Japan. STEREO